The Different Kinds of Earthmoving Equipment and Their Respective Uses

Earthmoving can be a key portion of any construction operation. Whether commercial or residential the need to move large piles of dirt, gravel, rocks, and other materials to or from the site is a daunting task. With the right equipment it becomes pretty cut and dry, but if you do not plan well it could become a huge headache. This is why before any earthmoving project goes underway, it is important to ensure you are using the right equipment for the job. Digging a well is a completely different task than excavating a foundation. Digging out a pool is a different task then burrowing out a trench. Different tools are required not just for tasks, but the type of sediment you will be dealing with.


Excavators are huge pieces of construction equipment that ride on wheels or tracks. A very popular form of earthmoving equipment perth has a long arm terminating in a bucket. Excavators are used for exactly what their name implies. They dig holes, trenches, and foundations. The bucket arm is great for burrowing deep and can deposit large amounts of sediment wherever directed. The cab rotates 360 degrees allowing the excavator to move earth wherever the truck or pile is resting.

Backhoe Loaders

Though not as big as excavators, backhoes get the job done. They look like a tractor, but they have an adjustable shovel in the front. Perfect for pushing large amounts of earth wherever it needs to go. They also have a small bucket in the back attached to an arm. A smaller brother to the excavator bucket. The back bucket cannot dig as big as the excavator, but it can dig. Combined with the front shovel a backhoe is a complete package. Great for smaller tasks. Backhoes are also great for filler. They can push earth into a hole, trench, or foundation, and then pat it down.

Hydraulic Hammers

Generally, these are an attachment for an excavator. If your earthmoving endeavor requires a bit of demolition a hydraulic hammer is a good thing to have. It is fixed to an excavator to aid in breaking down solid rock. If there is a big boulder, or some tough rock layers to the hole you are trying to dig, a hydraulic hammer will break through quite nicely.

Road Rollers

Road rollers are a form of compression equipment designed to press down earth. This is they type of equipment used to make roadways or driveways. Presses the earth down nicely to allow for the laying of asphalt. A little simpler than digging but aids in the moving a slight bit of earth none the less.

Motor Graders

This is another piece of equipment that fits into the roadway division of earthmovers. An ideal piece of equipment you will be sorry to be without if making any kind of pathway. Motor graders fine grade soil in preparation for roads. They sift through the soil and move out all the hard rock, leaving on the nice soft turf for the road roller to mash down.