What Types of Cranes Are on Construction Sites?

A crane is one of the most common pieces of equipment that can be found on construction sites around the world. Essentially, a crane is usually a tower that uses pulleys and cables in order to lift and move different objects and material. Normally, a crane is a temporary structure on the site that is either mounted on a heavy-duty vehicle or connected directly to the ground on a platform. There are many different types of cranes that are used by any crane operators springfield il and each of them requires a different set of knowledge and skills to use safely and effectively.

Tower Cranes

Tower cranes are all about balance and are usually the best bet when it comes to working on tall buildings. There are some tower cranes that can go up to over 3,000 feet when fully extended. This means that these cranes are capable of working on buildings that are over 275 floors high! These types of cranes work best when they are fixed to a platform on the ground in order to be able to keep their balance while lifting large loads at a tall height. While they can reach thousands of feet, it’s important to keep in mind that after a certain point it is best to attach the crane to the building to keep it at its most stable.

Truck Mounted Cranes

Truck mounted cranes are the choice to go for when it comes to projects that aren’t that tall but require a lot of versatility. Unlike mounted cranes, these can be moved around the construction site in order to complete a variety of different tasks. While they may be versatile and mobile, they do have a limited lifting capacity of around 50 tons.

Mobile Cranes

When it comes to the industry standard, mobile cranes are probably it. These types of cranes use hydraulics to operate their telescopic boom that is attached to a mobile platform. This platform can be on wheels or rails. The footprint of a mobile crane is relatively small, combined with its mobility it means that it can get very close to the material that needs to be moved. Making sure that the mobile crane is in the right position in relevance to the load itself can have a great impact on the lifting capacity of the equipment.

Telescopic Cranes

These types of cranes operate hydraulically to change the boom’s length. Essentially, the boom itself is a series of tubes that fit inside of themselves in order to extend a great length. Most cranes that are used in construction today implement some kind of telescopic method in their use.

Ladder Cranes

This type of crane is essentially an articulated arm that is attached to a trailer and used to load equipment from the job site. When it is not being used, the sections can be folded up in order to take up less space. Today, there are cranes of this type that can candle around 200 tons!