A Brief History of The Home Theater

It was only a couple of decades where the only way to get the best sound from a movie was to go to a movie theater. The best time for movie theater sound was any time before home video formats have taken off. Nowadays, the home theater actually rivals the movie theater in many ways. The image quality of a film watched at home on the highest quality device is comparable to what you get in the movie theater, especially with the 4K resolution being promoted. Most films even to this day are put together in 2K resolution even though the source of the file is 4K or above. This means whenever a film is played in 4K, in many cases, it is an upconverted 2K file.

When it came to home theater, people thought about the sound of the film when it came to home theater. In the late 80’s until the late 90’s, the laserdisc was considered the quintessential home theater format. These large discs had high quality sound that rivaled the movie theater sound when it came to the digital formats. It also had lossless PCM sound as the default which made the sound quality better than even the theatrical digital sound mix.

In 1997, DVD started coming into the picture. Among the selling points of DVD were higher resolution, anamorphic widescreen, Dolby and DTS 5.1. DVD became the essential format for home theater. However, one thing that people would notice is that the DVD has a weaker soundtrack than theatrical versions and laserdisc. This is due to a lot of factors which included the soundtrack that the studios put on the DVD. They were often remixed in ways that discarded a lot of the power of the soundtrack. Another noticeable thing about the DVD is that the sound is at a lower volume. However, whenever a DVD has a DTS track, it is very powerful according to customers.

If you are looking for some of the home theater systems Arlington VA has, then Blu-ray and 4K Blu-ray is the best way to go. They have the highest resolution available for consumers. The sound is lossless with the same quality of sound as presented in movie theaters depending on the sound format. Also, the home theater products present people with a sound experience that rivals if not exceeds what they can get at theaters. The sound truly surrounds people at home as opposed to being front heavy.

One of the advantages of home theater is that you can customize it to sound how you want. When setting up the sound of your home theater system, the acoustics of your room is very important. An ideal setting in one room is either going to be to light or too intense in another room depending on the sound. Some home theater systems have ways of figuring out the acoustics of the room and coming up with the ideal setting according to the room. However, you can customize to make the film sound as realistic as possible.